The start of a trip is full of promises of pleasantness and charming memories to be made. The enthusiasm is high and the anticipation is overwhelming. The days prior to the trip begin to add the stress of having sufficient time to be prepared for the departure date.

When the day arrives, it’s as if, you didn’t have time to be ready – yet you are more than willing to take off with or without those last minutes preparations. You can always purchase toothbrush and toothpaste!

Well this is more or less how my last trip began. It was a promising 5 days getaway. A much needed break from the wet and cold weather to the sunshine state of Arizona. We were excited about some golfing in warm weather and sunny skies. We looked forward to the warmth of the day and the coolness of the evening – as we sipped wine and talked about the day’s outing.

Yes all so promising. It was a great time of the year to take that long drive – but even better because it was sunny. We had made plans to drive so many hours and take breaks in between and explore on the way. It was all planned out..

Well got as far as the first 300 miles, when we experienced the first barrier to our happiness and merrymaking times. We had a blow out – makes it worse, it was a tire we had purchased for the trip. So we waited approximately one hour for road side assistance to reach us-of course these things happen in the middle of nowhere. I guess the upside was – we had cell phone service to make the call.

We attempted to make the best of it – knowing full well that one activity of the day was going to have to be put aside. It was “no big issue” we could continue with the remainder of the trip without worry of not enjoying those activities. We looked at it this way – extra expense for another new tire in lieu of the planned activity – balanced out.

Once we were done with our auto service, we put on our smiles and headed out West again. It was still sunny and bright – so we were still enjoying that weather. We traveled another 100 or so miles when the weather took a turn for the worse. It began to rain and the wind was ferociously blowing – we could feel the vehicle sway and handling the wheel was like riding a bull for the 8 second count. It was dark and lightening = what had happened to our sunny bright day?

It remained like so for another several hours – so we decided to pull up into a hotel and call it the day. We had to cancel the prior hotel due to the weather and not being able to get there – so we rented a hotel – not the best – but I guess in retrospect, not the worst. We unloaded what we could – including our fisty and nervous dog. He doesn’t care for lightening and it was a lot of that going on. So we ran indoors all wet unfortunately. We three looked like wet rags – shivering and shaking to get out of wet clothes and dry off our wet smelling dog. The only bright side – he is a small dog and we were able to find a hotel that was pet friendly.

The next morning was cooler – still darker than the previous morning; however, a darkness that threatened to pour down more rain. We left with the intention of getting to our next destination without troubles. It went well and we had made it to the final destination without a hitch!

We parked at our rental and started towards the central office – it was not easy to find – it was early evening – we found the office locked. No lights and/or notice of “Returning in 5 minutes”. We looked around and couldn’t find anyone who could assist us. It’s when we really noticed that the rental units were rather dilapidated and shabby. We began to look around and saw that most of the units were whether deteriorated and much need of a fresh paint job and some trimming of the yards. Still no sign of assistance to give us our keys to the rental. Though by now, I’m thinking “do I really want to stay here?”

I received a text, stating “Your unit is #B3 and parking spot the same – lockbox on door and combination is OCN”. Hmmm…..okay???

We searched for unit B3 – come to see that it was actually a basement of another unit – it did have the lockbox and we managed to open it to find the key. We opened the doors to enter, now it is later and beginning to get dark. When we opened the door – a smell of musty moth balls hit our nostrils. Our pet didn’t want to enter the premises and was pulling against the leash. I can’t stay that I blame him.

As we walked around the studio basement (not a bedroom suite) we saw fold up plastic chairs and table as the dining set. We had air up bean bags for living room furniture and the “master bedroom” (an aired up mattress on the floor in the corner) was where we were to sleep for the next 4 days!

My husband, I and our dog couldn’t get out of the place quick enough. We bumped into each other in attempted to get out of that place. We returned the key to the lockbox and left.

We called the owner, no answer, we texted, no answer. We left.

It was another 2 hours before we were able to find accommodations for us and it was 40 minutes away from our destination area.

Bright side? Still thinking about it since we had to spend extra funds and are in the process of recuperating our fees for the “rental” and now, the bright side.

I really need a vacation.

My First Blog on “What’s Happening”

Woke up early this morning to an overwhelming sense of fear. Yes, fear. Most people don’t even admit that they have fears, much less look into their specific fears.

I guess it is good if you can move forward and run away from your fears – but I surmise that sooner or later – it will hit you like an 18-wheeler runaway truck. It will crush you and paralyze you if you have not attempted to find out what it is that keeps you at this level.

Well, here is my fear. I fear that I am not doing enough in my life to make a difference. I fear that I have become paralyzed and have succumbed to the “mediocre” of what can “I” do.

“Prayer is an action,” explains Stanford University Professor Tanya Luhrmann. “It makes you feel like you’re doing something, even if it hasn’t yet helped.”

Did you know that prayer is one of the earliest recorded behaviors of human beings-the cave paintings of Dordogne, France, may well embody a 16,000-year-old prayer ritual.

So now look at what we got.  We have professors speaking about just what I woke up to thinking it was the end of my life.  It was like a revelation.  Now as I read what over and over what Professor Luhrmann said, I find some solace in it.

However, what I need to do is learn to accept.  Accept that even if it hasn’t yet helped!  That is a big issue and bigger fear.

Patience is not the greatest virtue we possess, is it?  If it was, we wouldn’t be in such a great rush to get this or that done immediately!.  Have you noticed how quickly we jump into conclusions without profoundly reviewing what impact our decisions and actions have on our environment or mankind!


Oh yes, of course, we have the task forces that support the Green Environment – Peace for the World, No More Hunger!  And so many more, so if they are so strongly against these maladaptive forces, then why is there still struggles with world-wide hunger, global warming, war amongst each other.  So what is it all about.


Your beliefs over mine, over theirs, over whose???  Is anyone any better than others!   What has happened?

So I asked, “What’s happening?”